Joan Punyet Miró


With his work based on recycling discarded objects, natural elements that he finds during his long walks in the mountains or beaches of Mallorca, along with old books or forgotten picture frames, Punyet Miró creates a universe of his own. Painting, drawing, collage, monotypes, sculpture, mobiles, “stabiles” and ceramics are his chosen mediums to express his moving and poetic message: a desire for the human being to reconnect with nature.


During the five years he lived in Paris, he wrote a book of poems La roue de secours (Jean-Paul Louis, Tusson 2000) illustrated by the Polish artist Kassia Knap. With sensitivity he narrates the delicate and fragile condition of human language, and its relation to the intuitive intelligence that inhabits the poet’s dream world.


He published the novel “El susurro de la intuición” (Ferrán Cano ed., Palma 2001) illustrated by the Mallorcan artist Pedro Oliver. The story reflects on the fineness of the human soul, its hunches that cling to the desire and ability to love.

Art historian

His long career, after graduating from New York University in 1995, revolves around the projection and promotion of the work of his grandfather Joan Miró. He has curated numerous exhibitions, in addition to writing texts for catalogs, conferences, etc. He has published several books such as Al voltant de Miró (Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona 2014) or Miró & Music (Alrevés, Barcelona 2017).

The Mad Recyclers

Founder and leader of a Rock & Blues band that express his concerns about the devastating effects of climate change, plastic pollution in the oceans and seas, for example the Mediterranean, and the need to reduce and recycle. He is the author of the lyrics of the songs in English, which speak of his commitment to the high standards of respect and good behavior towards the environment. His group is formed by Paul Mc Keown, musician, and Elie Kerrigan, poet and translator, that accompany him on this extraordinary adventure to create mass awareness of this challenge.


Founder and leader of a Rock & Blues band born during the Covid-19 pandemic. He is the author of the lyrics of the songs in Spanish, which reflect on the concerns of our reality in the face of this new paradigm. Art, music, and poetry inspire creative energy towards a new global harmony, that fosters cooperation, not competition. Love, as a human response to this planetary crisis, and music, as a manifestation of the soul. Gerónimo González, Susana Lois, Adriana Ceballos, Vicenç Borràs and Natan Barallobres form the band and share their concerns and songs.